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Envoy Bargaining Update for August 2018

Our CWA bargaining committee met with the Envoy bargaining committee on August 21-22. Our team passed a compensation proposal on the 21st, which we felt was a very reasonable proposal that companies as profitable as Envoy and American Airlines can certainly afford. We also discussed outstanding items including scope and the new work at MIA for wheelchair attendants.

On the 22nd, the company gave us a compensation proposal, which was not much different from their previous proposal. They showed us a graph, which they argue shows their proposal is an industry leading proposal. According to the graph the wages Envoy has offered us are higher than the wages at UGE and SkyWest. But the graph didn't include the pay at some of Envoy's other competitors. We are continuing to fight for livable wages for every member, and we're committed to fight one day longer to bring back a contract that meets members' needs. 

To achieve our goals, we need you to turn up the pressure on Envoy and American to reach a fair contract and mobilization is essential. There are a variety of actions coming up over the next several weeks at stations around the country. Next week, we are rallying in Miami for a living wage. Join us if you can.

Our next bargaining dates are September 5-6. To stay up to date on bargaining and mobilization, contact your steward or a local officer, follow us on Facebook, or visit our website at