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Looking Ahead to Piedmont Bargaining in 2023

For Piedmont agents, the fall of 2023 is a key turning point. Our contract, ratified in 2018, will become “amendable” in the fall, which means new bargaining could start as early as the spring, leading up to that amendable date.

Local 3645 President Donielle Prophete (CLT) is urging agents to fill out the bargaining surveys they’ll receive early next year so that the leadership team will know what members’ concerns and priorities are.

“We are fighting not only for money,” said Donielle, “We also need better language in the next contract to protect our rights. I need all our members to join with local leaders to stand in unity during bargaining. Those of us at hub stations have to stand in solidarity with smaller stations to fight for livable wages for everyone!”

Local 2252 Area Vice President Janette "Pinkie" Stewart Cureton (DCA) said that for most of the agents in her nine stations, the biggest concern is earning a living wage. "Inflation has been incredible since our last bargaining period, so agents are really making poverty wages and just can't survive," she said. "We are also still facing a lot of passenger anger—more than I've ever seen in my sixteen years at Piedmont—and that's another major concern. We'll start asking our agents about all their priorities in January as we prepare for bargaining."

Representatives from all CWA Locals in North Carolina met in September. Managers from various companies, including Piedmont and American Airlines, attended the meetings.

Workers shared stories about pay disparities across stations and the hardships they face. “I think it was the best state meeting we’ve had,” said Local 3642 President Tammy Scott, who represents American Airlines reservations workers.

Donielle Prophete receives 2022 D3 award
Shout out to Local 3645 President Donielle Prophete, who received the District 3 Karen J. Murphy Woman of the Year Award.